Atmanirbhar Bharat: Modi govt Push For Desi Apps To Compete Twitter, WhatsApp and Google Maps

A significant part of the Social media scene in India today is overwhelmed by Apps or locales that are not Indian Origin. Be it Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, India structures one of the universes biggest userbase of these and numerous other such applications are finding useful.

In any case, as the Social Media entrance in the nation is going further, the present – day govt and the huge Techs are conflicting regularly also.

At that point be it protection, Censorship rules, scorn discourse and substantially more. The Indian Govt and these tech giants have frequently rise up in a battle. Take for instance the most recent showdown between Indian Govt and Twitter.

Showdowns like these aren’t new. In any case, in a fascinating move, the govt chose to answer to twitter on Koo. The Made In India application called Koo says it is choice to twitter.

The Govt posted its assertion in the matter on the application and it made a serious buzz. However, matter goes past that. Koo has unexpectedly become all the rage with some expensive legislators and superstars joining the stage in the wake of the public authority’s continuous deadlock with Twitter.

BJP pioneers, Even government authorities and Union Ministers are advancing the application. This is additionally being looked as Govt’s work to push for more extensive utilization of items made under Atmanirbhar Bharat plan.

Not simply koo, the Modi govt is likewise now intending to push applications that are being viewed as Desi options in contrast to unfamiliar Big tech organizations. In the present video, we should discuss such applications.

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