How to use Signal In Desktop or PC

We all know how to use WhatsApp and telegram in your phone as well as in desktop. Now everyone is wondering how to use Signal app in your phone and also in desktop or PC.

Well the answer for the question is yes you can use the app also in desktop of PC. Signal is getting popular as alternative for instant messaging app WhatsApp. Similarly it also let’s users send and receive text messages and receive voice and video calls with enhanced security.

The advance security and features claimed by the company makes Signal eligible to compete against WhatsApp and Telegram. This app also claims that all the messages are private and end to end encrypted.

you must have the signal app on your phone(either Android or iPhone). But if you want to use Signal in Pc or Desktop the method is slightly differently. Signal is limited to Desktop app only and the web client is not available yet.

You can follow the Below steps and download Signal desktop app on your machine.

1.Download Signal Desktop from the site

2.Intsall the downloaded file the same way you install other apps

3.Once installed you can link Signal Desktop app with mobile by scanning QR code. can also choose name for your linked Device on your phone.

5.Hit finish button

Once the above steps are done, your signal account will be synced with your mobile phone and you will start getting messages and calls.

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