How To Become An Amazon Affiliate – Like We Did!

Being an Amazon Affiliate is a great way to start affiliate business being at home. Amazon affiliate gives you an option to share amazon product online and earn commission when someone make a purchase form your affiliate link. Now we are going to help you step by step how you can setup affiliate website for yourselves.

Benefits of Being An Amazon Affiliate

Benefits of being an amazon affiliate is to earn commission by linking on our website and earn a small commission on every purchase from your website. There are number of potential websites which earn sales commission starting from $500-$5000/month and even more.

You need a website

The basic thing you need to get started with a Amazon Affiliate system is a website or a blog because amazon wants its product to be lined naturally in website and feels a natural traffic and purchase as well as authentic for all users. This is the reason amazon doesn’t allow its link to be share on social media or in email because it attracts less audience.

Luckily making a website or a blog is super easy now a days, you can simply start your WordPress blog and if you need any guidance while creating your blog you can refer to this link.

How To Become An Amazon Affiliate – Approval Process

The approval process to become and amazon affiliate is super easy and straight forward. Now i will guide you with each and every process how to get started with the approval of amazon affiliate.

  1. Sign Up:

First open your browser or click this link to move to Associates Central and then click on sign up as shown in the image below

2. Account Information

This asks for general information about you or your business. It’s your name, address, and telephone number.

Basically, Amazon Associates isn’t available in every country, so they want to begin by verifying your location is in an approved area. All this information is safe and secure.


This is the most important part of the approval process here you need the link of your website or the app in which you want to promote your amazon affiliate link.

Kindly keep in mind do not enter a website link which falls under 13years of children. You will not be eligible to display banners, widgets, special links, or other ads from Amazon Associates if your site has a kid focus (cartoons, kid toys, etc.)

4. Profile

Profiling is very important for your social media as well as your affiliate account profile to tell amazon something more about your app or website. Here you need to provide website or app description and its type as well as how its generating traffic.

You’ll end with “You Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Associate’s Program Operating Agreement“.

First question comes in mind that “What is your preferred Associates Store ID”. Each and every affiliate link has a unique identifier to distinguish between crores of product, Depending on what you enter.

5. finally done

Finally, you might ask to enter tax information and after that you will be able to use your affiliate link and use it in your website and attract traffic to earn commission.

Now Explore & Create Some Links

At this point you have access to the entire Amazon Associates interface, so let’s give you a quick peek to what this looks like.

On the fundamental dashboard the main measurement is the “Income Overview” this chart addresses how frequently individuals have clicked on your connections and the commissions you’ve acquired up until now.

Fastest Way to create an Amazon Affiliate Link.

Amazon affiliate tools give you awesome tools to create and manage affiliate dashboard and earning but there is one simple way to create affiliate link. just go to product page and to of the right page you will find a affiliate stripe from there you can simply create affiliate link and use in your website.

Careful, Your Amazon Affiliate Will Be Deactivated If…

Amazon is known to deactivate accounts without giving any notice and making it appallingly hard to reactivate your record once more. To dodge this, observe these notable principles of the Amazon Associates program.

  • Don’t use your own affiliate links to make personal purchases
  • Don’t use affiliate links in emails, social media, eBooks, or anything except your personal website or YouTube channel.
  • Avoid using any kind of link shortening like Bitly. Amazon links can be long and that’s ok. Amazon has its own link shortener service like in the image above. It works great!
  • Simply don’t ask people to click your links to support you or offer incentives for clicking your links.
  • You can’t use Amazon’s trademark. You may be working with them but you do not have permission.
  • Amazon is constantly adjusting their price so if your website doesn’t include the latest price. It’s considered false advertising and breaks their terms of service. It’s safer to avoid mentioning the price altogether.

We would all be able to concede that the Amazon Associates program has numerous principles so be cautious. We’ve actually thought that it was ideal to avoid any and all risks and just add Amazon Associates text connects to our blog.

Good Luck!

Finally its all done and you have started using the affiliate links and many congratulation future amazon affiliate.

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