How to Protect WhatsApp Privacy Policy

In the previous weeks the talk against the WhatsApp privacy policy update was in trending and a lot of users trying to shifts to other messaging apps. By seeing this WhatsApp started explaining the users about the new update and its impact on data.

Now after a week or more the parent company Facebook is again setting its records on the new privacy policy and try to explain the policy. The company is again try to make everyone that nothing to going to change for users and data.

In and announcement company made a clear statement how users and read privacy policy and learn how its working and also handled by the companies.

Here is what’s changing and what’s not changing about new policy of WhatsApp-

1.Not Changing : end – to – end chat encryption as before means no one else can read except sender and receiver.

2.Not Changing: Business features is optional, that clearly means its user choice if they wants to share numbers with Business/Brand. If any user is not intended to share mobile number, can happily do that.

3.Not Changing: Can block any brand or Business if necessary anytime.

4.Not Changing: account will expires if any user doesn’t accept the new terms of services.

5.Not changing: No ads will be shows in WhatsApp. As per new update there will be no banner ads.

6.Changing: Facebook business connection with WhatsApp

7.Changing: Support to talk to Business on WhatsApp

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